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We have been providing first rate residential and commercial electrical services throughout Northern Nevada for well over a decade. We have earned a reputation for reliability, quality services and products. Here are just a handful of comments from our satisfied customers.

“I Called up Dr. Shock and had an appointment scheduled the next day. Technician was on time, clean courteous and got the job done in a timely manner. We will be calling them soon for another upcoming project”
Curtis Scwartz

“These guys are very knowledgeable technicians with a wide range of experience and expertise”
Sally Carner

“You guys did a great job installing my solar system, I am now producing my own electricity for my home and have plans on changing out my gas appliances to reduce my bill even further!”
David Evencheck

“The technician called before his appointment time and notified he was running late. 15 minutes later he started the installation of my new entry chandelier. I helped him get the fixture out of the box and was surprised at all the pieces. The technician quickly assembled my fixture and had it working within an hour. Every one at the Christmas get together complimented the new light fixture. - Thanks for coming out on such short notice and getting this done”
Mary Wilson

“My husband and I had a spa delivered but had no idea how to hook it up. Dr Shock Electric was out the next day, knew exactly what to do and had us swimming by the end of the day!”
Lori Biscoff

“I took almost every outlet apart in my house trying to find a problem. After giving up I called “the Doctor”. Within 15 min of investigation he had a prognosis with a cure. Thanks Dr Shock”
Dan Bramby

“Our house had lights that would flicker when ever we turned on the microwave, we had several electricians out to try and figure it out. They checked the circuit, re tightened the connections in panel

but never resolve3d the problem. we finally called Dr. Shock and asked if they could figure out the problem. After a short service call the discovered that the local power company would have to come out to check the incoming service. Sure enough they found the problem behind the meter. My lights no longer flicker and I even think my power bill is less every month.”
William Merble

“Offgrid in the Sierra Nevada's, Thanks for the awesome renewable energy system”
Pat Eiberman

“My kitchen is new and improved but it would not be as evident without all the lighting we had installed by Dr. Shock. Much thanks to their design department.”
Carol D


Dr Shock provides quality electrical services throughout the following Cities in Northern Nevada:

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